The services of Glowside
are structured in two complementary areas

Strategy Consulting &
Corporate Finance

/ 01

Strategy Consulting

  • Assessoria continuada a Conselhos de Administração e Empresários
  • Planeamento estratégico
  • Planeamento estratégico

  • Advisory to Boards of Directors and Entrepreneurs
  • Strategic planning
  • Support to the improvement of governance models

  • Management of business and organization transformation projects (Programme Management)
  • Structure and support to the implementation of shared services centres

/ 02

Corporate Finance

  • Elaboração de Planos de Negócio
  • Elaboração de Estudos de Viabilidade
  • Avaliação de empresas, unidades de negócio e projetos
  • Apoio a arbitragens e determinação de lucros cessantes

  • Development of Business Plans
  • Development of Feasibility Studies
  • Valuations
  • Support to arbitration processes and lost profits damages estimates

  • Structuring and managing merger, acquisition and spin-off operations, through the entire deal cycle
  • Identification of targets (Buy-Side)
  • Identification of potential investors (Sell-Side)

  • Raising and structuring financing for projects and companies
  • Management of debt restructuring processes

Track record

01. Strategy Consulting

Boardroom Advisory

Restructuring & Transformation

02. Corporate Finance

Business Planning & Valuation

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Debt Advisory