Excellence . Reliability . Trust

Glowside is a consulting boutique specialized in Strategy and Corporate Finance.

/ Mission

We were born from the desire to surround ourselves with people with whom we identify with (clients, consultants and partners). Our mission is to establish long lasting relationships with our customers, provide them with the tools for growing their businesses, and train the best consultants to deliver maximum value in all the projects we are involved in.

We focus on developing our client’s business. We support our clients creating, capturing and sustaining value, helping them reorganize their business to drive their strategy for the future and react to market changes.

/ Experiência

Our team has over 25 years of advisory experience in multiple sectors and projects. With over Eur 200 M transactions managed, most of them cross-border, we offer an integrated approach to M&A and Strategy to support sound investment and business decisions.




€ 200M

We work with a strong network of national and international partners who also support us identifying opportunities, targets and investors.

/ Value proposition

Value proposition

Our value proposition stands on a business model that connects our competences, the market needs, and the growth ambitioned by our clients, and is built on 4 pillars.

Competences and Knowledge

We recruit with the highest standards and invest in continuous training of our consultants from Top Universities at an international level. The knowledge, experience and skills of our partners and consultants enhance the added value for our clients and guarantee the quality of our delivery.

High Performing Small Teams

Our availability and responsiveness is unquestionably one of our competitive advantages. Our teams are results-oriented, demonstrating a high sense of commitment to the client and its objectives. Agile teams with multidisciplinary skills allow us to respond to the most complex challenges with an integrated vision.

Continuity Relations

We establish strong, close, trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. This allows us to know and understand the strategic challenges of our client’s business and design appropriate solutions, without compromising deadlines or requiring greater effort on the part of the organization.

Risk sharing

We have a risk-sharing culture, standing by our clients throughout the investment / project and enterprise cycle. Our goal is to respond swiftly to possible changes in business scenarios or variables, collaborating in strategic changes or realignment.

Excellence . Reliability . Trust

/ Fundadores

Leadership Team

Glowside was founded in 2017 by Ricardo Sousa Valles and Paula Oliveira Marto, both with extensive experience consolidated over several years collaborating with Big 4 consulting firms.


Managing Partner

Ricardo Sousa Valles

Ricardo Sousa Valles has built a career in management, strategy and finance consulting, having served as an advisor to several Boards of Directors and CEOs.

Having more than 25 years of experience, Ricardo coordinated several strategic, management and financial projects. Ricardo has worked on national and international organizations’ repositioning and restructuring, and also assuming interim management functions.

Ricardo has carried out projects in both Private and Public Sectors, in several industry sectors, and across several locations, including Angola, Portugal, UK, France, Switzerland and Cape Verde.

Ricardo started his career at PwC Consulting as one of the first consultants in the Strategic Change branch (2000-2002), SaeR Strategy & Competitiveness (2003-2008) and PwC Strategy & Operations (2008-2013). In 2014, he founded the Black Marble Group in Angola.

Ricardo is Glowside’s Managing Partner.

+351 213 461 629


Paula Oliveira Marto

Paula Oliveira Marto has developed competencies in Management and Strategy Consulting. Paula has experience in international investment projects, joint ventures and developing new businesses in different sectors and different markets, over more than 15 years.

Throughout her career, Paula consolidated skills in business structuring and reorganization, development of international investment opportunities, in different markets, such as Portugal, Angola, East Timor, Poland and Switzerland, and in different industry sectors, including Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Food and Manufacturing Industry, Construction and Public Sector.

Paula started her career at Accenture in 2006, and later at Deloitte, being part of the Strategy and Operations’ team.

Paula is Glowside’s co-founding Partner.

+351 213 461 629

01. Strategy Consulting

Boardroom Advisory

Restructuring & Transformation

02. Corporate Finance

Business Planning & Valuation

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Debt Advisory